HİBSAN, which was founded as Turkey’s first cooker hood factory in 1981, has been an influential producer in Turkey’s market for 30 years. Besides, HİBSAN has been influential in the European and world markets for the past 10 years.

Furthermore, HİBSAN, which has been directly producing for the country’s and the world’s leading famous brands, is also active in many countries with its own brand PROFF and has been consistently adding new brands in its sphere of cooperation.

HİBSAN, which has only been producing cooker hoods and chimney hoods models since the day of its foundation, has been directly exporting to 56 countries under different brand names. Meanwhile, this number has been on the rise day by day.

HİBSAN, which has been continuing its production in a closed area of 4000 m2, is among the world’s best cooker hood and chimney hood factories with respect to the number of products manufactured per minute.

Our company’s primary principle is to serve to promote our country’s influence in the sector. In addition, our main objective is to increase the share of high value added goods in our country’s exports every single day.


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